Massage Therapy is proven to promote a healty lifestyle to those who stay commited to receiving therapeutic massage on a regular basis.

First Time Client Discount
60 minute massage
Introductory Price only $65.00
*Not valid with any other offers

30 Minute Massage

$ 45.00

30 minutes of massage  can be the simplest most wonderful thing you can do for yourself in a day.  Getting a nice upper body massage can help release shoulder and neck tension tremendously.  Even  just  having your  hands and feet worked on can help  relax and  revive the whole body.

60 Minute Massage

$ 75.00

A nice relaxing  full-body Swedish Massage will help with  blood  and lymphatic flow  throughout the body.  Included in the massage are some range-of-motion techniques to promote relaxation and loosening of your joints and muscles.

120 Minute Massage

$ 135.00

Getting your moneys worth of massge! Oftentimes, high-dollar amounts are spent in vein trying to find that perfect massage experience- spas, resorts, exotic treatments and other expensive therapies. With this full two- hour massage in a quiet, serene, and professional invironment, you will experience total-body relaxation. Allowing time to reach all those stress points crying out for blessed relief! Rest assured that I will use every modality i've learned or adapted throughout my career to determine the best ways to stretch minipulate and soothe your sore, tired muscles for the best possible results .

90 Minute Massage

$ 110.00

Allowing your body to fully relax can sometimes be a challenge. Spending more time  on the table under healing touch and specioal techniques will give your body time to fall into a deeper  state of relaxation bring superior results.  You will enjoy coming out of this session feeling relaxed and rejuvinated.

Healing Package


(6) 45 minute personalized, targeted massage sessions.

Having trouble in certain areas that have bothered you for some time? Schedule a series of sessions where my gifted hands will apply special techniques to help relieve  pain and tention due to stress, fibromyalgia, arthritis, old injuries, other troubled areas and related issues. Sessions may include  some heating, cooling or othrer benificial agents that will aid in the healing process.